Road Rage? Not me! Too Old For That!

I am always at the defensive every time a car stops behind me at a trafic light. I have been in 2 accidents, the only ones in my life, where I’ve been able to see both times the driver ducking to grab something from the glove compartment or so.

First incident in the 90s, second in the beginning of the 2,000s.

2 weeks ago, I stop at the traffic light, and I watch this small coupe, sport car, stopping behind me. I then realize my radio station KGO is not on. I turned it on, and then…wham! I am hit!

I come out, with my cell phone ready to record the damages. I get to the back of my car, and I see it. The car behind me, hit me! Then, I see these faces of guilt. What I call teenagers. I still remember the face of the driver, white as the cream in my coffee. Then, a guy, 15-16 years old on my calculations stepped out and started saying a word like chaca chaca. I, for some people who know me, may look like Indian, Peruvian, Portuguese, and American, as some of my fellow Mexican people have confused me sometimes.

I then turn around, and see the middle part of my rear bumper sunk in by a quarter of an inch. Nothing serious per se. I turned to the guy speaking I don’t know what language, but I could see he was from a race I can’t mention to not hurt sensibilities. But in the car, there were what we call a “diversity”. Chinese-Vietnamese, Hispanics, Whites, and Indians. So, the guy then understands I am able to speak English and after I said “look at this man, what the hell were you guys doing!”, and tried to take a picture of the plate numbers on the other car, he put himself in front of the camera.

It was like they had planned a way out. The driver then proceeds to pass us. I never felt so stupid, dumb, and miserable. I grabbed my phone, and I was aiming it to the back of that car to get a picture of the plate number, when the guy behind me hits my arm and that made me drop my phone. :laughing:

I am 58, I am a 3 points shooter in the basketball court. I beat kids 15-20 years old in a game, I can run like hell, but this time, my thinking got in the way. The guy ran like hell to the car that had made a right hand turn on the crossing street. I could have out ran him, but thinking that I could have beat the hell out of that kid, perhaps going to jail, or in the last case, ruin the lives of all 4 kids in that car made me stop.

But then, the rage got me, and I started my car, and tried to catch them up. For reasons of luck, they got all the green lights down the road on Alum Rock. I lost them reaching the junction with Hwy 101.

Here I am, beat, humiliated, disappointed at myself. I then decided to call the police, but hung up. Next day I do so after realizing there are cameras recording everything. The officer responding me said tha they had created a hell for themselves by doing a hit and run, and assault.

Thanks God I had to go to the police station to file a criminal report. I decided that they will get their own piece of Karma one of these days. They saved their neck one time. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Really sorry to hear you had this wretched experience. It sure sucks!

But glad that you came out unhurt. From what you have described, it seems they had a game plan on how to escape after a hit and run which would imply this was not the first time they were doing this. This is all the more reason to file police compliant and make sure they are adequately punished. Otherwise, they’ll get bolder with each instance and end up killing someone.


So sorry to hear this buyinghouse. I’m putting cameras on my car. I’m tired of people tailing me going way too fast. But in an accident, I want to have the evidence on tape. Too many hit and runs.


No problem, thanks for your concerns intangible, terri.

I blame myself for being such a nice guy. 2 weeks passed by and still considering pressing charges. The problem is that I don’t know how long the cameras keep what they record.

Definitely terri, I need a camera on my car.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Where was this?
I was looking around at a motorcycle dealership in Mesa yesterday killing time before a flight to Boulder for Thanksgiving with a cousin (she’s cooking while I post :slight_smile: ). I had meant to ask - but forgot - which places in Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe/ Scottsdale - if any - were seedy enough that one shouldn’t visit them. As a 50 year resident of the Bay Area I knew where not to go but I’m still a newbie in AZ. Forgot to ask. Need to remember next time. Guys who sell motorcycles usually know these things.