Roku Stock On The Move Up


TV space is a little strange. Majority of the traffic streams from their TVs, and most “modern” TVs now support all these apps without any devices like Roku / Apple TV etc. Back in the day, if you wanted high quality content, you needed to get a DVD player etc. Now, the quality between Roku vs Smart TV is very minimal (processor power is already enough on TVs, but TVs may have slower Wifi connection). With TV prices going down (now you can get a TV that’s too big for your living room < $400), I’m bearish on Roku.


The guys calls ROKU an OS because it’s being embedded in TV’s now.

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I think Facebook should buy ROKU. It’s only 5B or so.


I see. I guess I didn’t look at their stack carefully. Their platform is really just a glorified browser that can run lightweight html5 apps. Interesting how they seem to be successfully marketing that to device manufacturers. I agree, it would be a good addition to FB’s Watch product.


Maybe they have some revenue sharing with tv makers? Not sure.

Traditional hardware makers are just horrible when it comes to software. Be it cars or TV’s their user facing software just sucks horribly. I guess they are just happy to offload this task to ROKU.


Apple is in the running too:

While discussing Apple’s second-quarter results with analysts, CEO Tim Cook said the company has formed a team that’s working quietly on a project whose details he wasn’t ready to reveal yet. But he said enough to suggest that Apple is working on a media and entertainment subscription service to capitalize on the cord-cutting trend.

The secret project is being staffed with prominent television executives from organizations such as the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Cook added that cord-cutting is poised to accelerate faster than originally thought.

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That’s been rumored since Steve Jobs was running the company.


Tim Cook is clearly referring to original content creation. I have mentioned this moon ago. Apple already released an Apple TV, a TV apps, a tvOS and a tvAppstore.


Video subscription service like Apple Music or its not worth doing.


Apple has also tested the live video streaming technology including interpreting what the speaker is talking on the fly through Apple events. Obviously is video streaming of live events + video on demand subscription service with original content + paid content. Is the in-thing :rofl:


One more thing, long iQiyi since iQiyi = NFLX + ROKU :crazy_face: