Rough Patch of Santa Clara

My mechanic is in the part of Santa Clara across Montague from Rivermark. I have been taking my cars there for 15 years and I still do even now I live in SF. I walked past the pretty shabby looking houses one day and out of curiosity checked their prices. Holy smoke. They are now selling at 1M??

Like this one which doesn’t even have a picture, with wrong square footage to boot:

3/2/1200 asking for 928K.

This 4/2/1600 sold for 1M two weeks ago:

Schools are pretty bad, but you can’t beat the location. If you work in SC or north SJ it’s a 5 to 10 minutes commute. Any folks looked at that area?

Some people are looking at Santa Clara for investment. It could become a hot spot for investment. Santa Clara is not known for crimes, I think it’s mostly good. Some slots might be blue collar hoods, but still low crime I assume

I have been wondering why Santa Clara is appreciating slowly, maybe it’s catching up now

Maybe someday Santa Clara will be as expensive as Sunnyvale. I probably would not buy in SC though, it’s rental yield is low. If you can find good rental yield in SC, could be a good long term hold.

Good luck!

It’s gaining @manch!

Santa Clara is Sunnyvale 2.0.

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Price up to 1.1M now, $700 a foot.

How high can this area go?

Price is getting insane, even in this “bad” part of Santa Clara.

1.28M, that’s $752/ft. What’s so hot about this house? From the description:

Prime location! Close to tech companies such as Oracle, Cisco, NVIDIA, Paypal, Intel.


I go back to my comment awhile ago, that you just go and buy ANYTHING down there as long as decently priced and no issues. Money is to be made, Sir…

Santa Clara is Sunnyvale 2.0! Now it remains to be seen whether Trump’s small hands will disrupt the party come 2018. I don’t think it will.

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