RVs Are Hot Apparently


Boomers thinking they are Jack Kerouac…On the Road…lots of free time and cheap gas

Well, when you think about it why not? Tour the good old US of A and you don’t need Airbnb, airports, and Uber. Cheap gas def is a major reason for the boom.

Costwise it’s hard to justify an RV…Depreciation alone can be $10-50k per year. .But the Jack Keraouc coolnest factor makes it popular. .It is a lifestyle. .Is more affordable if you sell your house…Could end up homeless and broke though…need to tow a car for total freedom…10mpg at best…Diesel pushers can cost well over $500k…worthless in 10 years…Land yachts with a similar maintenance headache…

If you drive 20k miles a year the cost will be well over $20k/y for a cheap $100k RV…thats 100 nights in a nice hotel room. …got to use it a lot, or better to rent. …

Costs $40/n for rv park fees , fuel 20-40cents per mile, maintenance about the same…

I always though a truck and trailer is better. That way you aren’t towing a car around. You can easily replace the truck when there’s mechanical wear and tear.

The problem with a truck trailer is you and passengers are stuck in the truck while driving. .Wait till driverless RVs then you can watch tv and even nap while driving…lol

Watch the movie RV before buying…

Depreciation… But used problem solved

I guess it depends how many people are going. I was thinking for retired people it’d just be 2.

Why buy an RV? Can’t you rent one?

Where to park? Just on the street of course. In my old San Jose house there is always a RV parked 2 blocks down. Move to the suburb and you can park as many RV’s as you like. Problem solved.

Buying used helps, but there are storage costs and maintenence. .Only buy used if stored indoors…the sun destroys them…Most sit around unused just rotting in the sun …Probably a good time to buy now, right after burning man…Storing inside can cost another $500/m…Most cities have a three day time limit or they are towed…many neighborhoods ban them…Good money in building RV storage

Can’t you just put a cover on it?

Agree most RVs I see are just rotting, nobody uses. One guy in my neighborhood has a HUGE boat that has never moved in years. Waste of money.

Boats and RVs are similar—huge wastes of money and time…I prefer wasting my time on boats…Go to any marina on a beautiful summer day and 90% of the boats are sitting neglected. …

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Regarding boats…The two best days for boat owners are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.

I have owned a lot of boats…They day you sell is way more satisfying than the day you buy…The worst part is the wife telling me, “I told you not to buy it”…Boats are disposal toys…no investment value. .They will never look any better than they day you bought them…

We had a boat when I was growing up. I used it far more than my parents. I knew if my dad ever threatened to use it the then night before I’d cover it with the snap covers and slip cover. He’d never deal with all that to use it. Normally we only used the slip cover unless it was going to rain.

The best boat is somebody elses…lol

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Any good places in the Bay Area to rent a boat? I know there are charters and some peer to peer websites but any straight up marinas with a fleet you can rent?

Or let’s say I want to spend the day on a lake or delta… Anything easy and available?

Lots of places in Tahoe to rent boats…In the bay there are sailing clubs that rent boats…many require training. Lots of lakes that rent little boats…There are websites now like Airbnb for private boats

Some baseball player just crashed his boat to death in Florida. Careful you guys.

We stay clear of the rental boats in Tahoe…They are red and white Reinels…came across one that smelled like gasoline. .the guy kept flooding it with gas, trying to start it…lucky he didnt blow up…

Feeling lucky? Personally I would not rent out my boat…but people do