RWC high end

I thought it was note worthy that this spec home went under contract considering the talk on the board. If it’s close to list that is impressive. I saw this at an open awhile back and I thought it was nice. I didn’t expect the area to accept this price point, but I did feel that it was a nice home that few developers would produce.

New build bordering Atherton. That is why the pricepoint is high. Other ones were sold for $2.5M though, I thought, And I agree it’s pretty shocking for Selby Lane school district.

Here’s the other one that sold $2.55M:

I’m pretty sure the first house up (the brown one) also sold, but the listing never closed. Very puzzled about that one. Stayed on at $2.5M for a while, but I’ve seen people going in/out. Again, a nice build–though small backyard because it’s essentially a corner lot.

[EDIT: Sold in January 2016 for $2,45M. It’s a bit hard to find the listing because it’s the same address as the teardown these are replacing]

This one around the circle–also a new build–sold in May for $2.33M after being on for months (Sequoia delisted, deleted the listing, painted the exterior a second time in a different color, and relisted):

Sitting for 50 days. I doubt it will sell at list price.

Plus already one reduction. But may very well go for $2.6M.

Still a really nice profit given what they paid for the land.

I’d take the over if you split the difference between 2.6 and 3.0. The one directly across from this is supposed to be under contract too.

The 249 listing isn’t as nice of a build.

It closed at 2,888,000.

Hate the 8’s.

From the original price of 3.2 that’s a reduction of over 300k.


I’ll bet you a Habit burger that the buyer was Asian…

Very nice house. I guess 3 8’s is better than 6 8’s: $2,888,888.

Well, why overspend right??? :slight_smile:


GOOD GRIEF that’s a lot of money for a crappy school district.

At $3m, schools dont matter, they can afford private schools…Plenty of Atherton houses in the Selby school district