If TSLA going private, this is mood. Sell TSLA and margin gone :slight_smile:


Elon is tweeting that to bring up TSLA to cross $400 range, but his real intention is not making it private !

He is master minded and he needs poor investors money ! It is very obvious from his tweet.

In fact, I will keep the shares, but sell the options for nice profit. This was the plan when I bought on margin.


Which is why he’s going to get into trouble with the SEC. Does he even pay attention to his disclosure trainings. OTOH, he might be crafty and figure any fine (in millions) is just the price to pay to make (billions)


He is just following Trump ! Remember, Trump tweets justified as his opinion not official order.


He won’t get any more money unless he sells his own shares. If that’s true then the intent is malicious and he’s going to jail.


His intention is also not to sell shares, but to jack up the price alone. He is expansion visionary, but not short sighted person to sell his shares. He is using the momentum to bring up the shares.


Sell his recently awarded RSUs counted as his shares or not?


Bringing up the shares won’t get his company more money. He can only get more money by doing another round.


He will not do that as he knows TSLA will grow long ! Once his company value increases, he can use it many ways to benefit. It need not be direct sale of shares. I said he is master minded person !


On a day where both AAPL and FB got dumped, I’m just glad that TSLA got pumped. :slight_smile:


I only trade with 20%. I’ve been holding: BABA, FB, NTNX, SHOP, TCEHY, and UBNT for awhile. In the last 12 months, I swapped BIDU out for more BABA and TCEHY. I swapped TWLO and VEEV for more NTNT, SHOP, and UBNT. I doubled my FB position on the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Swapping is not buy and hold. @hanera did not swap his AAPL for anything else since 1997. The only time I swapped anything was when LNKD got acquired so I had no choice but to jump ship. Also, I swapped some ETFs (such as from EEM to VWO) because I wanted lower fees, but intrinsically those ETFs are the same.


Less than one year swap may be considered as speculative. Swap is part of strategy. When investor does not foresee growth, it is better to swap than hold.

It is really hard to foresee 20 or 30 years ahead to buy and hold forever.


Futures are down.


:scream: :scream: :scream:


Part of me thinks if trump’s insistance could reveal the flaws in world economies.
Chinese stock market is half of its peak, and more than 20% down than its recent peak.
Argentina gets a bail out from IMF.
Turkey’s lira tumbles almost 40% in just a week

add signs like housing market slow down, and now what’s the big picture?



Are you saying trump singlehandedly drags the world into a recession? I don’t think he’s that powerful…


No, i think what i am saying is the world economy doesn’t sound as strong as we want to believe, and trump will just be a trigger to it. I should have worded my original statement better.


Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and tons of cash because he’s worried about the market - CNBC


He’s an idiot.