Sure we are in the same frequency channel?
I have an academic mind! Like to know cause and effect, knowledge for knowledge sake, and I forgot them as soon as I learned them and have to learn again. This keeps me going :slight_smile:
Don’t care as in don’t take much action based on the knowledge, knowledge for knowledge sake.
My biggest don’t care is AAPL price movement :slight_smile: Yes, the bigger the sum invested, the less I care… counter-intuitive right? Don’t use your trader’s mind to gauge my buy and (hopefully) never sell mentality… can’t compute always.


I subscribe to Deng Xiaoping’s teaching: white cat, black cat, one who catches the rat is the good cat. Don’t care if I am a trader or investor, maybe I am neither. All I care is how much money I make.

How come in the 20 years since dot-com you never found another buy-and-hold candidate? Even WB has a few more.


Good question, thought the answer was given. I didn’t consider another candidate seriously till recently, I am a very faithful stock owner and a husband. Not like some1 I know, change partners, I mean stocks frequently.



Going into the bushes after you are old?


现在不糊涂, 何时才糊涂

Translation by MSFT is off :slight_smile:

The real reason for not considering another candidate is lack of fund till 2012 when AAPL starts to issue dividends. Even then the boss said put into Austin RE, so… Briefly bought some dividends paying stocks, mostly utilities (post in previous posts, can easily search the forum).


I thought bond market leads? The yield curve keeps getting flatter which isn’t a sign of optimism.


That’s the issue I think about often.

How do you accumulate your stock portfolio if you don’t go into margin? It’s similar to the problem of buying rentals if you don’t pull off equity from your other houses.

For WB, his source of funds are really just two sources. A: retained earnings and dividends; and B: floats from insurance operations. Floats is really just another form of borrowed money.


AAPL dividends !!! Rentals !!!
Before AAPL dividends, do nothing :rofl: Just talk cock in forum :blush: So I didn’t bother to follow any stocks except reading everything about Apple :zipper_mouth_face:
AAPL dividends provide the much needed liquidity :wink:


Say you have 10m worth of AAPL. At current yield you get around 100k a year. And you have to wait 20 years for that to come about. That’s crazy slow.


Margin can also wipe you out super fast. That’s not bad if you’re young with a long career ahead to earn it back. At some age, the risk isn’t worth it, and the person lost out by not saving more when they were younger. It’s leaving late then speeding to make up time. That goes great until you get pulled over and end up losing more time than you gained by speeding.


So much exchange of opinions… My mind is about to explode… :rofl:


Not much new info. We are educating manch.


Looking forward to that dim sum gathering… :rofl:


One of the major issue of margin is during down turn or sudden crash that triggers auto-sale when the value of collateral stocks are down below the thresh-hold value. It happened to many of my friends during year 2001 crash, stocks were sold automatically and balance they need to pay. In simple term, hold is not possible during market crash.


Don’t frighten manch, he needs to experience it first hand. We can buy his shares dirt-cheap, this is not being evil, just opportunistic. Capitalists don’t have concept of evil or good, only gain and loss. Frankly, he doesn’t really appreciate what you said. Have a few virtual friends who has their accounts closed and owned brokerage a fortune. Some have to sell their primary to top up losses.

$1M buy $5M. During crash, value can drop 90% i.e. owe $3.5M. Crash means no time to react.
20% crash would wipe out the account.




:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


futures down.




Until Oct 10th, we will have touch days, news/media will find different reasons each day like Tariff…etc, with ups and Downs, but ultimately market slag possible…

How? My crystal says…hi hi hi…Let us wait and watch…