Constitutional crisis, here we come.


How do you not accept a resignation? Democrats will cry about this, but more heads will roll in the FBI and DOJ. I guess democrats are ok with abuse of power and employees putting their political agenda above their job as long as it’s the democrats political agenda.


futures are up.




For info:


Maybe the market will be relatively calm for decades to come?



Who is this pretty woman? Your ex?


Some morning carpenter issue? :smile:





Sky is falling!!! Sky is falling!!! :scream: :scream: :scream:


I would be more worried about stocks than RE


Why worry over something that’s not your forte :slight_smile:


shit. sky is indeed falling.


My forte is making money. You stockies just like the wild ride. Hold on . October is a spooky month


Stop patronizing me!!! Your Tahoe real estate will fall big time when that lake freezes over… :rofl:


Happy Halloween


Some index fund managers might have sold in expectation of or servicing the liquidation of individual investors. All S&P stocks fell in synchronization half way into day. Panic is setting in🙏


Black Thursday, Friday and Monday?