Still waiting for that 5,000 point drop.


Don’t be evil :imp:


I expect the same wild reactions like the same happened in 01/26. Turnaround/or fall may happen depending on the major banks results



1998: Asian financial crisis.

2008: Global financial meltdown.

2018: :scream: :scream: :scream:


2018 Tariff War?


The new Cold War.


Feel hot to me :slight_smile:


Not evil at all - giving you guys a chance to go on a shopping spree.


Did you dance on people’s graves back in 2008? :rage:


I probably did but that wasn’t intentional. Actually made money with Wamu and Citi in 2008 with my tiny savings…go figure.


futures seem about 1% down compared to 4pm numbers.


SPY and QQQ is around SMA200, this is the time for recovery. If not, we are all doomed. IMO,we won’t go to that level of correction.


This sell off happened for no reason. 10 year treasury rate was up 0.25%, not that a big deal.

I guess it could be due to 2 reasons

  1. Manipulation due to coming election.

  2. International reasons. Maybe China and US will have a big issue, and Wall Street might be worried about potential international melt down.

If it’s 2, better sell everything before it’s too late.


IMO, this is not right as long as yield spread is there. See my chart, market corrects to SM200 from highly hot to normal level.

At this level, lot of hedgefunds, mutual funds may start buying stocks. If we sell, it is really “Buy high and Sell low”


2018: Meteor strikes earth causing extinction of human species.


They are the ones selling today.


Politicians were predicting a 50% drop 3 days ago. Should have listened to politicians instead of stock gurus.

Ron Paul can predict corrections pretty accurate in direction, but his percentage prediction was not accurate. Hope for the same this time :rofl:

“ Paul is a vocal libertarian known for an ardent grassroots fan base that propelled him to multiple presidential runs, as well as his grim warnings about the economy. Yet he has been warning investors for years that an epic drop of 50 percent or more will eventually hit the stock market. He predicted the February correction, but not in size and scope.”


It’s the ETFs selling. It’s a coordinated institutional selling. Maybe some country is going to default.

Or they figured out that earnings is going to disappoint in the next few weeks.

They may know something we don’t know. My feeling is that earnings is bad. Labor cost is going up so profit might be weak.

When Main Street is happy, Wall Street will hurt. Labor and capital are moving in opposite directions.


futures heading positive. Yes, I am scared like the last time.


Ron Paul has been saying that for years.