Sales decline, price continues to appreciate

Bay Area Real Estate Market Cooling Off

“Our prediction,” Schnapp said, “is that we will continue to see sluggish sales and prices that grind higher but at a much slower pace until either prices adjust or new inventory comes on the market.”

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Sales decline, price continues ==> Sales Decline when demand is there means fewer homes, but hike in price.

This is not good for waiters or buyers, but good for owners/holders.

Let us wait and see what FED does.

More of the same…prices up, sales down. Congrats Owners!!! Want to sell??? God, am I sounding like all those soliciting realtors??? I tell them, if you have a replacement house under your control then let’s talk. I don’t hear from them usually again…

It’s the same story nationally. I love the click-bait headlines most “news” outlets use. It’s clearly designed to portray that real estate is doing poorly, and they should click to read the gloom and doom.