Sam Smith Moving To Berkeley?

The older you get, the more you backtrack… when I was younger I was more into rock and roll… :laughing:


But never heard of him :roll_eyes::star_struck::joy::crazy_face::scream:

This guy has a nice style, the way I’d write some poems. I inherited from my dad the poet he is.

When I am about to retire, i am either going somewhere really cheap with no income tax, or los gatos/berkeley. Everytime i go to one of these two, I get pure joy. Berkeley has good food, and lively and all (with very old houses, like the rest of the bay area), and los gatos feels very elegant and lively.

What other british bands/singers do you listen?

Other than the ones mentioned above, I like Leona Lewis, George Michael, Jess Glynne, and James Blunt. Also a few songs from Dido, The Ting Tings, Charli XCX, S Club 7, etc. :slight_smile:

Some of these bring back good memories. Britons are good at music, i will give them that.

Come on, @harriet, you should have posted the official video then since that should garner some lively discussion here… (ok, keep the kids away…sex scene)

(Yes, beautiful gal is Dianna Agron from various tv shows including Glee)

Whiney Chick music… not my thing… don’t get it. Sam is not even good looking.
I don’t get the video… She burned his clothes and yet took him back???

I much prefer Junior Walker, Steppen Wolf, LED Zeppelin, the Stones, The Doors, Ac/Dc…

This was Sam’s debut on SNL a few years ago. Boom, instant star overnight!!!

That is hilarious… Sam the boy/girl introduced by a pervert.

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Why not? I wouldn’t mind who I stick with so long as I get to stay in a nice looking mansion and sit on my ass all day long… :rofl:

I don’t get millienals the aka the last generation . Men are girls… women are men they used to hate… with C.K. Louis as the MC… the madness… lol

Well get ready for the next one… it will be unisex… :rofl:

The current generation is not forming families and having kids… Our next generation will have to be imported…

It already is.

:rofl: enjoy!!!

Developed nations no longer able to replace its own population. Look at Japan. Same with white Americans. USA should be glad that we are right next to Mexico. Plenty of Mexicans from across the border to replenish the depleted population… :wink:

Thank god Mexicans don’t listen to Sam Smith… I prefer Musica Romantica to his androgenous drivel…

They don’t listen to English music period. Which reminds me I need to pick up my Spanish lessons again… I tried for 3 years with minimal success… I still can only say gracias and amigo… :rofl:

Santana is one of my favorites

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