San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


My neighborhood, Sunset, can be considered its own suburban town. You have to drive across steep hills to get to SF :grinning:


“A 2016 cost-benefit analysis of potential safe injection services in San Francisco found
that the City would save $3.5 million per year if one safe injection program were opened,
or $2.33 for every dollar spent on the services. Meaning, effective, alternative solutions
can end up saving taxpayer dollars while also saving lives.”

They say 22,500 people in SF are IV drug users. That’s 2.6% of the population, and the city is spending money to accommodate these people that are breaking the law.

SoMa is the #2 area for usage. I didn’t realize it was that bad of area.

Holly Bradford San Francisco Drug Users Union

SF has a union for drug users? WTF…


Most of the drug activities are located in the eastern side of the city. Richmond and sunset are very clean when it comes to that. Homeless situation the same.