San Francisco cost of living: A cookie factory's story


I feel bad for this company but I feel like the advancement of technology is hurting them more so than the rent increase…


Commercial rent in SF is actually surprisingly affordable in many parts of town. 6k a month is not outrageous for prime location like Chinatown. Unfortunately the economic value a cookie factory creates is lower than the rent and labor that goes into it.


Why are Chinese fortune cookies still being made? Does anyone actually eat them?




I guess the real question is why is it being made in SF downtown. Even Apple doesnt make iPhones in Cupertino. :slight_smile:


To get them fresh and hot!


I like the imports better.


HA!!! Did they honor the coupon?


Someone got it in Taiwan. Didn’t know they have it outside of US…


me too!


I stopped by this cookie factory today.

Man, these guys are so trapped in the 1940s. I watched them make cookies - like 3 super lethargic disinterested employees folding the hot dough by hand - maybe one cookie every 30 - 45 sec tops. Two or three mildly interested tourists observing inside.

This place needs to evolve. Actually they needed to evolve two generations ago. Figure something better out with this space. Mini-museum? Jeez, like, if you don’t evolve, you die. There’s a reason why CP/M is no longer a widely used operating system anymore.

Would love to know @sfdragonboy’s thoughts


From what I’ve heard they’re also super grumpy. My oldest kid went there a while ago and the guy yelled at him to get his cookie and move on. This is a very mature, polite kid, so I have to assume it was the guys.