San Francisco has gone totally off the rails

I has seen some disgusting things in SF. But now it seems bad behavior it is just ordinary everyday life
Does anyone care? Meanwhile the progressives want the Techies to leave town so the degenerate locals can enjoy their debauchery with cheaper rent?

Here is one excerpt from Quora
If you’re in your fifties, or older, then you might have watched as San Francisco went from being a really nice place to live, to the liberal socialist hell-hole that it is today. I don’t live in San Francisco, but I’ve seen videos made in that city over the past half-century, and the deleterious effects of liberalism are obvious. One thing you will probable see if you walk San Fransicko’s streets today are homeless people defecating in doorways, on sidewalks, in the grass at the public park, and in the streets. There’s even a store security video that shows a woman taking a poop in the aisle of a supermarket.

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This is so wrong. The liberals should not allow homeless people to defecate on the street, what they should do is to invite them into their house and give them love and peace, provide them everything they need including high quality hereoin/weed/cocaine. that would resolve a lot of homeless/disgusting street problem. Isn’t that what they want and what they vote for?

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Look up the Quora inquiry .

The stories are shocking. But it just make me sad. Tolerance for bad behavior just leads to more bad behavior. SF famous tolerance has created an intolerable place to live.

San Francisco, CA: What are the craziest/weirdest things you’ve seen in San Francisco?

As bad as it is . People seem to enjoy it and tolerate it.
But it will only get worse

Fun weird has a lot to choose from. The nudists on Castro and Market just hanging out, a guy on Market playing Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues as a one-man band with a guitar, harmonica, and drums he was jumping up and down on, any given night at the Stud or the Eagle, a homeless man in a bedazzled jacket moonwalking up and down Haight Street for an hour, the concept of carnita asada fries (imagine Mexican poutine), drag stores run by old immigrant families who are not only ok with but embracing of their clientele.

Bad weird also has a lot. Getting screamed/laughed at by pushers in the Upper Haight. Chalk swastikas on the sidewalk outside Golden Gate Park. Tech bro housemate peeing off a fire escape and being subjected to a barrage of racial insults from the people he peed on (also tech bros, I believe). Getting challenged to a fistfight by an angry college grad when I wouldn’t do shots with him.

Worst would have to be the time I was in Safeway late one night (I really wanted grape juice for some reason). I was standing in the checkout line and an older woman was shuffling from end to end of the store, screaming, “They give me wrong medication! They give me wrong medication!” and laughing hysterically.

Despite its rep, SF takes a certain amount of endurance, especially if you haven’t lived in a large city before. For all that, it is still my favorite place in the world.



Poop will make SF less crazy and more reasonable.

Anti Poop movement will wake people up.

When it gets worse, it means it’s one step closer to the resolution. Look on the bright side.

The problem with the poop issue is it’s still mostly contained in Tenderloin and SOMA. It needs to cover a much bigger portion of the city then more people will be aware of the issue (they are aware but they are not really aware).

Ship the homeless across town to the west side. Under the cover of the fog and chill it stinks less than on the east side, so it’ll be an overall win.

Pooping is indecent exposure. A sex crime. Why aren’t they arrested locked up and registered?

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Well, illegal immigration is “technically” a crime, but so what?

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