Santana Row Project


This seems to be one of their projects.

Great flip. Can’t get 7k lot for 950k anymore.


These guys are really interesting. If I read it correctly they offer both debt and equity investments. That seems a better way than doing flips myself. They are local so at least I can go visit the work site to make sure it’s not a fly-by-night operation.


Preferred equity. Return varies from project to project, but mostly > 15% (I didn’t participate in all of their previous projects)

Yea, that’s exactly one of the reasons. I have visited their sites more than once before I invested in them. Just a chance to learn more about ground-up development, you can subscribe to their weekly newsletter and follow their progress on different projects. Lot splitting was their niche, but now onto multi-units development.


OK. I just signed up to learn about them.


Thanks for the info