Saratoga home right next to transmission line

Listed at $2.9M, now updated to $3.8M 2 weeks later. Really don’t understand why Bay Area agents like to waste everyone’s time. Just list at comp if that’s what the seller wants and won’t budge

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Underpricing is the surefire trick to juice the price. If agent listed it anywhere close to “true” price it will backfire.

Don’t blame the players. That’s the rule of the game.

Typically, underpricing results in multiple offer and usually ends in house selling for more than market rate, especially in today’s sellers market. However, this house didn’t sell for 2 weeks and they raised the price now. Not a good strategy. This house will likely sit for longer.

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This particular realtor seems to like this strategy. If it does not sell, list at the price that sellers want & wait out. Eventually it sells some where in between – given we are still in sellers market.

Month later, still on the market and price updated to $4M

Absolute crazy times we are living in…

and it sold for 3.925M