Schools in SF?


Wait, I haven’t say a word about the topic. I’m making generic comments. Political correctness is to talk sweet and talk against truth when needed.

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Another topic spirals down to Trump…


OK folks. Time to cool off a bit.


Well, trump is the magic word to increase our readership magically

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One of my old Apple co-workers has a SAHM trophy wife. I’ve never seen so much hatred and venom as when other WOMEN discuss the fact she doesn’t work outside the home. It’s pretty funny to watch. I thought the whole point of feminism was for a woman to be free to choose what she personally wants and not do what all her bitchy friends think she should do.


Among most east Asian ethnicities (Chinese, Japanese, Korean…), the immigrants in US are way older-school than their corresponding counter parties in asian countries. Take a Korean family who moved out to US in 70s. They raised their children like they saw in Korea in 70s. All the while, look what happened to Korea over the last 40 years - their GDP per capita grew from US$300 to US$30,000. Now, folks in Korea in late 30s fall into 3 categories in comparable proportion: 1) not married, and never will, 2) divorced, 3) married but mostly double income.

Now compare that to 2nd gen or 1.5th gen Korean Americans: if you’re divorced or not married until 35, your parents will have hard time going to the church. :wink:

I understand that many folks here have moved out to US many years ago (I did too). No offense, but we’re all “old school” :wink:


Very true. On the flight from Hong Kong to SFO most Asian people I saw on the plane look like village bumpkins. Definitely not the sleek city professional types. Not even the young trendy crowd. They look like they just woke up from a time capsule…


Hey, hey, hey, those village bumpkins probably have a sheetload of money or rentals up the ying yang…How disrespectful…:grinning:


Personally I find it more offensive if the husband mandates the wife to earn an income. Goes to show he’s incompetent. If he forces her to stay at home to look after the kids, it’s more understandable in comparison.


I think it could be a luxury to be a stay home mom if not qualified for section 8. Only the well to do families can afford single income. Many working mom yearns for at least a few years stay-at-home-mom experience, but they can not afford and their mean employer does not allow


Would you rather be a village bumpkin with tons of money or a sleek city professional with not much of a net worth? Time capsule me!!!


Girl, you sure know how to pick 'em husband material :slight_smile:


Come on back, families!!!


Just fire the excess teachers and redevelop the land for housing. Parents are smart enough to move to a good school, stop bribing innocent parents to dangerous and low performing schools


The requested policy revision, set to be introduced at today’s Board of Education meeting, would extend a provision of the district’s Student Assignment Policy that grants students who enrolled at WBMS as sixth graders in August 2015, August 2016 and August 2017, placement at the high school of their choice. Students must attend the school for grades 6, 7 and 8 to be eligible.

Does that include Lowell?


Pretty sure Lowell is not automatic.


Don’t you live in Menlo Park (I thought you said you were in Allied Arts area)? Can’t he Caltrain?

FWIW, my son and husband do the commute via Caltrain. Ferry building probably similar commute to theirs. He can Caltrain up and then take a taxi. Share with coworkers, and it’s probably $4 per person. That’s what my son does.

My husband isn’t thrilled with the length of the commute, but I’m pretty sure he’d 100% take the commute over paying for private schools for all three kids.


He could Caltrain up but only has a 10 min commute from Menlo to PA now. So, he would only transfer and commute if it meant a better housing situation. We looked around a bit but for now are staying put.


Hopefully you SF parents got the schools you wanted…


“The choice patterns are highly correlated with race. The top choices for white, black and Latino families tend to be grouped. We are facilitating segregation through our system,” said Board of Education Commissioner Matt Haney. “It also creates a sense of winners and losers, which I think is not healthy for our school system.”

If > 65% of kids are getting their first choices, this seems to me to be a success. I’d say that they need to reevaluate their goals. Desegregation should be about equal opportunities for all kids, but if parents of different races have different goals for their kids and are happy with what they got, then trying to desegregrate shouldn’t be about %ages but about equal access and the parents’ happiness with their assignments.