Schools in SF?


Of course Lowell is #1 in the Bay Area…


You’re back! :slight_smile:


Not at all surprised by Lowell…though I would think my alma mater, GWHS would be on there if Lincoln makes it.


That’s mine too!


Welcome back…Come hide out in Tahoe…Summer is almost here.


What year?


Damn it, let’s not water down Lowell…


Josephine is the leader of a home owners wechat group I belong to. Yes, I care about algebra. Give me algebra damn it!


I’m assuming by “fixing SF’s 8th grade Algebra issue” she means she got them to offer it again? Just checking.


I see no reason not to allow teachers to bring their kids there. That’s standard policy for many high schools. I doubt it’ll take up many extra spots, but it’ll certainly make their lives a heck of a lot easier.


I have yet to see any Chinese parent who thinks dumbing down math curriculum is a good idea. 8th grade algebra is super brain dead simple to begin with.


Are you talking about algebra1 or 2?


It’s the first algebra class so I assume it’s Algebra 1.


Then, you should ask for geomerty at 8th too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kids who don’t take geomerty tend to skip geomerty by taking it at summer school but 6-8week geometry cannot be as good as 1-year curriculum.

Typically, 9th-algebra2 10th-precalculus 11th-AP calc 12th-AP Statistics.

If interested in STEM, many kids skip precalc and take muti-variable calc/linear algebra in 12th.


When did Chinese think highly of maths? Many centuries ago, liberal arts guys are highly value especially after the Song Dynasty, even ahead of military combat skills


Don’t think those APs help in skipping courses in colleges. Do they? AFAIK, only AP CAL BC allows skipping 2 college level math courses.


That’s one of the reasons that led to the century of humiliation. Chinese people have learned…


AP Calc is probably one of the few APs that almost everyone accepts. Calc AB will satisfy one semester at most universities, Calc BC will satisfy 2.

At Ivy’s, Calc BC will satisfy one semester.


That’s not necessarily that useful as you have to challenge both courses to skip them in college… At least with the APs, you know what you’re getting when you apply to the college.


I encourage my kid to take linear algebra anyway since it is useful basic concept in many engineering area. Haven’t paid much attention to skipping them at college frankly.