Sears Voices 'Substantial' Worry Over Staying a 'Going Concern'

Not long for this world… I don’t remember if I ever visited a Sears store… :thinking:

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Like Macy’s they do own some valuable real estate though.

I got some craftsman tools a couple of weeks ago. Everything was 50% off!

How come this is not in the other Death of Retail thread?

Wow, decent deal! Craftsman tools used to be very highly regarded. I always liked the lifetime warranty policy. If you jack up say a screwdriver you can turn it in for a new one.

Why that negativism? Everything is OK…stock market rampant, healthcare will be free…don’t worry…:stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought my kitchen appliances at Sears a while ago. Their “Kenmore” appliances are not actually made by them but they are good quality at a good price. That is the only thing I buy at Sears.

Their delivery and installation services were horrible. Used them once, never again.

They contract those out so you never know what you are going to get.

I bought my Kenmore Frig from Sears but it’s really made by LG before that i had a Samsung refrigerator also from Sears that i enjoyed until it had a early death after 5-6 years of use. I remember my grandmother old school refrigerator the ones the would have ice/frost build up inside the freezer area that thing had heavy duty use and lasted what seemed like my entire childhood.

I just replace a Kenmore which was manufactured in 1998 according to the serial number. Got a Frigidaire based on price and delivery (to La Honda). We’ll see how that goes.
Yeah, fridges and washing machines - they could last up to 30 year the way they were made out to about 1980. Another way inflation stats are buggered these days. Prices may not rise much but usable life goes down. True even with furniture.