Seattle Pointers

Any pointers to good real estate forums for both buying and renting in Seattle?

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You want to buy there?

Looking to move there for a couple of years and then probably be back in Bay Area. So definitely need to rent. And probably buy as well if it makes sense.

I noticed you have been interested in Seattle RE for a while. What does your analysis say - good time to buy there? And what areas would be good targets - Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond?

I would also need some advice from folks on this forum on renting my SBay Townhome.

My “analysis” is really primitive. The neighborhood guide @marcus335 posted a little while back is a good start I think. For rentals it seems the area near I-90 is good. Price and rent are similar to West Oakland. But I have no idea how the neighborhood feels. Something I can’t do without physically being there.

All the other places you mentioned, price-to-rent is too high for investment. But if you are buying a home to live in the calculus is entirely different.

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Manch - Thanks for the response and tips. I was wondering if these Seattle suburbs with good schools (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland) have RE dynamics similar to Bay Area where long term appreciation is the key to RE investments. Any idea about this? Also, any pointers on good forums where local Seattle folks gather?

Are you pointing to the Redfin Top 30 hot neighborhoods where Seattle had 4 in top 10? I started there and the above 3 names came from that research :slight_smile:

No, I meant this guide:

I don’t know any real estate forums for Seattle. I’d love for them to come here though. This site was meant to be Bay Area specific, but it quickly became so…

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Thanks for the link.