Seattle's "First In Time" Law

Not good…hopefully they win

I think all this would do is make them put their criteria in writing. If they want a min credit score, minimum liability on renter’s insurance, etc, then they’d have to spell all that out in writing. What’s the big deal in that?

Because at the end of the day, we pick our tenants based on feel, gut, how we seemed to get along during interview/open house, etc. To base it SOLELY on some criteria that is black and white could cause some relational issues down the road. Just throwing it out there…

Darn liberal cities…:stuck_out_tongue:

Who thinks their feel/gut doesn’t involve age, gender, sexual orientation, or race? That makes your feel/gut discriminatory and illegal.

Great! I wish property is also sold on first come, first served basis in bay area. /tic

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That’d put a ton of pressure on people to pick the right list price. I think open auction would be more feasible. You could have people’s max bid ability verified before the auction.

Well, at the end of the day you want someone whom you think you can get along with (especially if say they are going to be living in a building that you also live in). I get it about the race and discrimination (I don’t have an issue with any of that) but more concerned about the finicky or picky people that will honestly call you every sec of the day to complain about something.

Well, let’s hope the lawsuit striking this down wins…

Tired of hearing this unconscious bias BS. Just embrace your human nature; it’s inevitable.

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Wow, what is up with Miss @harriet? Isn’t this somewhat related to the male vs female debate too? Shouldn’t an employer be able to go, I want a man in that position, because of X…???

If the government regulates screening then they should take responsibility for bad tenants, like they do in Section 8…Otherwise the should back off…


Wait, the government does squat for you under Sec 8…

If the employer really wants to hire a guy, then go right ahead. If it is forced to hire a woman for this unconscious bias crap the biases will eventually surface and the woman will be miserable regardless.

My point exactly…But what does Seattle do ?? SUE screw the people’s republic of Seattle

Gosh, even Seattle is rougher than my Fab 7x7… maybe, I shouldn’t complain so much…

The rise of the renter class and the Bernie/Warrenites is upon us…God help us…

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I said that at least a year ago. People called be a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Unfortunately Trump is helping their case…hopefully a moderate Democrat can rise to the top…But who?

How is he helping? Democrats would be even worse for landlords. Just look at democrat controlled cities. Property rights aren’t even a concern. The politicians care far more about renter’s rights.