See, Don't Mess With Yelp


Russians are as passionate as Italians and have nuclear bombs…scary stuff…People that talk with their hands should not have nukes…lol


I actually think people on Yelp are Too generous! So many 5 star reviews. Come on now. Not every hole in the wall is a 5 star place… I don’t care if the food is amazing. Service and cleanliness should count for at least 1 star.


Ok, fine, I might be guilty on that count…


Anthony Bourdain: There’s really no worse, or lower human being than an elite Yelper. They’re universally loathed by chefs everywhere. They are the very picture of entitled, negative energy. They’re bad for chefs, they’re bad for restaurants. You know, you open a restaurant, you struggle for a year to put together the money, you work your heart out, and then 10 minutes after opening, some miserable b------ is tweeting or Yelping, “Worst. Dinner. Ever.”
It’s like, dude. That ain’t right. Nah, no sympathy there. And I think you’d have a very hard time finding a ch


He has valid points…Reviewers can’t lose…Chefs can lose everything thing…There is something wrong with the Yelp business model…


Hey, hey, hey, that is my client…NOTHING is wrong with the model!!!


Get them to figure out how to weed out the assholes…Facebook has to deal with Russian hackers…Yelp needs to deal with asshole whiners…


Glassdoor is also one of my clients…


The term for serial whiners is a vexatious litigant. .Someone who sues a lot…Yelp needs to weed these types out…People like Sally in Harry meets Sally…That make the waiter cringe with outrageous ordering of food…when in reality they hate food…


Well, you can argue the other way too, that serial Yelpers are in fact passionate about food hence why they post so much. Keep in mind the concept of large numbers and the whole forest/individual tree scenario. Don’t look at an individual post per se only. Do as @caiguycaiguy suggested, read more than a few reviews to get a general sense of the establishment. Tends to be fairly accurate…


I just want to hear about the cockroaches and mice…My main concern is the place clean…Whether someone I dont know likes the foof means nothing…I am a better cook than most so unfortunately I am rarely impressed with restaurant food. .I just don’t want to get sick



San Tung, better raise that score or I will surely hear about it!!!


Yelp can use some help.



Oh, a not so good day at my favorite online user review site…



Hate to see it happen to such a useful site, but no longer a concern for me at work…


Just reminded by the article yelp doesn’t even have the capability to let businesses buy ads by themselves. Google had the self serve auction set up like in 2002 or something? Yelp on the other hand still relies on marketers to cold call people. And when people increasingly don’t answer phones they have bad quarters.

Mind blown.


OK, Yelp does have self serve ads. Maybe the product is just not very compelling.