Seller's Market Again, duh

It’s a seller’s market again as prices surge across Bay Area and supply dwindles.

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Aren’t you glad you are not in the herd, trying to get a lil piece for yourself for the first time?

I feel lucky… but cautiously, haven’t we seen this story before? :slight_smile:

Having said that, the quality of buyers this time is most probably better, as there are few 0 down buyers this time.

Is this the second wave of appreciation after a correction in 2016?

Rental market is flat to weak, maybe renters are rushing to buy their primary homes.

Second wave of appreciation could still be huge, but definitely will be smaller than the first wave

Why isn’t supply increasing in the Bay Area? Especially with new construction within commutable distance to jobs. Most new construction I see are apartments & Condos.

SF has tons of new construction, mostly condos.

Oakland has a lot of Construciton activity right now. Hope Oakland will become hippy enough to sell all the new condos

Milpitas and Fremont also have a lot of construction.

Dublin might be the king of new construction SFH

Shouldn’t this be the third wave?
First wave from 2009-2010
2nd wave from 2012-2015
3rd wave from Nov 2016-
3rd wave is usually the last before the big fall which tend to be sudden sharp drop (for stocks), for RE, kind of sticky…

It’s still a buy now, especially in B and C neighborhood.

As long as there are multiple offers, demand>supply : To me, its a buyer’s market ! The buyer who is able to get the property is the winner! Sellers are the ones losing here, don’t see how it is a ‘seller’s market’

I think you got the definitions mixed up big time…

Hanera tries to predict the future again… good luck with that, hanera, I can’t see why this is a 3rd wave and why the 3rd time would be last one before the big fall…

Elliott Wave.

First off, Elliott wave is complete crap.

Secondly, it was supposed to predict stock market, not real estate market.

Just because you don’t believe or don’t understand or don’t know how to employ, doesn’t mean is crap.
EW applies to all. Is about human psychology.

It’s crap because it’s usually not right. Those who follow it will not succeed in investing.

Do you have statistical proof using actual data*, not just anecdotes and not some study, to support your assertion?

*Real people investing, state their basis of making decision, their performance targets, actual time period…

Come on, you know full well that it cannot be followed. Let’s just focus on one thing: your AAPL holding. If you were to follow it and sold aapl the many times it dived, do you think it would have worked out better for you than otherwise?

So you have no proof, just assertion :joy:

Yes, I assert that to be the case :slight_smile:

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But what is interesting is interest rates are dropping…10 year bond yield down .4% in 6 weeks…Looks like the market doesn’t believe the Trump inflator factor…