SF Back On Top!


People driving up SF home prices don’t give a shit about the school year (and fall is the nicest part of the year in da city)

Any comment on the rent? Rent in my neighborhood hardly changed for the past two years.

It is my opinion that rent has a semi-hard ceiling. At some point, no one will be willing to pay beyond X, unless (1) they are stupid or (2) they have to (at least for one year max) because they have to stay somewhere at this given moment. Come on, why will folks pay beyond X if they literally could just buy and get all the bells and whistles with owning??? That’s why multi units win over SFHs as investments. Sure, mo headaches but mo money…

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The latest numbers…OMG Vallejo went down a rung…what to do??? No mention of Oak Town, @manch, but your San Ho jumped up 2 notches. Maybe due to your first Michelin rated restaurant???


You know your ranking is bogus when you don’t find Oakland, Seattle and Portland on the list.

Yeah, wish there was an email for her in the article so that I could ask that very question. What are the chances that these recognized 3 hot real estate markets not making any top 20 list?