SF Housing Report April 2017

House and Condo prices basically hit a plateau in the last 2 years. But wait a second. Is that condo price going UP in Q1 but SFH DOWN? According to @sfdragonboy such a thing CANNOT happen?! :thinking:


Overbidding has come down, consistent with a slowing market, from red-hot to hot-only.

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Not selling as quickly…

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Rent coming down

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The charts didn’t tell us anything about the near future. The only certainty I see is a long term trend of rising prices and seasonality.

Selling in 30 days is crazy fast. If you have a buyer with a mortgage, that’s about as fast as it can happen. Maybe the small decrease is due to less cash buyers.

IMO, with current market, high cash down (more than 35%) buyers are higher than and easy to get financing for such buyers in 21 to 30 days. Investors are out in the market to buy whatever they can.

That’s what I thought. Similar for SV (may be except 087). So I have to guess those who claim prices and rents are still going up, are outside SF and SV.

Generally up with zig-zags. So long you didn’t over-leverage, should be able to survive the zig-zags.

So in your mind, how much do you think is over-leveraged? 10% debt to net worth? 20%? 50%? 100%? 200%? 500%?

Sound financial advice will be charged a fee. Quack one like it is complicated and depends on your risk appetite is free. Phlishing comment would require you to message me your stock holdings, addresses of all your properties, amount in bank accounts…

Wow… that’s too much info to be sharing on an internet forum :slight_smile:

Let me visit your house in San Jose and I will gladly share all of my info.

Don’t own any in San Jose.

Ok, then where ever it is in the South Bay.

Hey, if you think it is a wise move to buy an asset whose value is being diluted by more supply go for it. I have learned that one does not last too long fighting the laws of supply of demand. Play it right, you can make a lot of money. Play it wrong, you can be in a world of hurt. The fact is, we hardly ever discuss condo units that are available here (and we know they are available). At the end of the day, who really wants to buy an apartment? Exactly, no one.