SF Rent Hike $1800 to $8000

A San Francisco man is fighting to stay in his apartment, after his landlord suddenly hiked his rent from $1,800 a month to $8,000.

The tenant has appealed this incredible rent hike to the city, but it may be too late. He may find himself out of his apartment before the city’s rent board decides if it’s legal or not. One thing is certain – it’s one of the highest rent increases in recent history in San Francisco.

Hmm, interesting case. I mean, from the looks of it, I am pretty sure this is a pre 1979 built building so one would think it falls under the normal SF rent control laws. Obviously, more to the story, but I am very interested as to outcome.

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Ha ha. If you know Chinese, you know the little difference between 千八 ($1800) vs 八千 ($8000). I think it is just a typo as the landlord is a Chinese :sweat_smile:

The ridiculous number here is $1800. How could someone not feeling greedy if he think he is entitled to a 3 bedrooms in North beach by $1800 a month?
By the way, according to sfgate, the guy’s name is not even in the lease, that is the only reason the landlord try to raise rent…

Well, the landlord’s stupidity on not knowing the SF rent laws could cost him big…real big

Raise your rents slowly and often or you could end up on the news

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