SF Schools May Overhaul Lottery System For Campus Assignments

Cha-ching Fab 7x7 owners whose homes are where the good schools are!!!

What about letting kids take algebra again? Or is it another 8 years long project?

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You’ll probably be back in San Jo by then…

Great incentive to turn in a blank answer sheet during standardized tests before you get into your preferred school. :sunglasses::rofl:

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I read that article. It’s only a proposal which has yet to be voted on by the board. And even if the board approves it will take at least 3 years to implement.

Don’t spend your Cha Ching money yet. It may never come.

Yeah, I know, but fair is fair. Why shouldn’t parents who buy homes in certain neighborhoods get more than a fair shot at schools in their proximity? For those folks outside looking in, well, life is unfair. You can certainly apply and if fortunate enough may land a spot. Or not, so work around it…