SF stupidity: Taser or no Taser?

London Breed supports police taser. Jane Kim and Mark Leno are against taser.



I support tasing Kim and Leno

Do Kim and Leno prefer more black people to die by forbidding police using taser?

These “progressives” are evil against minorities. They prefer black people to die from guns instead of taser. They prefer people living in the street instead of high density and smaller homes.

What are the secret evil agenda from these SF “progressives”?

“The ballot measure would allow officers to use Tasers for “resolving encounters with subjects who are actively resisting, assaultive, or exhibiting any action likely to result in serious bodily injury or death of another person, themselves or a police officer.””


This has gotten out of hand. If a suspect refuses to put their hands up and obey orders, then why should the police endanger their lives?