SF (Understandable), But Berkeley?

PA = Stanford
Berkeley = UC
SF = ???

SF = Homeless


Berkeley haa been one of the most desirable places to live by the Bay for 100 years

I can’t argue that factually. And, I know that times have changed. My father’s and grandfather’s generation was in awe of the R&D at UCB in the 40’s and 50’s.

But, as a kid growing up in the 60’s in the east bay, I can say that Bezerkeley was looked down upon as the hotbed of radicalism by anyone else I knew. Enough so, that at the time of my college applications, it was considered career suicide among my cohort to attend UCB and then go out and look for a job in the mainstream. Even my father was relieved that I chose Davis rather than Berkeley at the time.


Both SF and Berkeley have rent control. Just got wind Santa Rosa passed rent control laws. I bet PA will look into rent control too. The landed gentry wants to protect their house value. So they won’t allow more building. But they still need to show they care about the underclass. Thus rent control.

Soon the entire state of California will be rent controlled. You saw it here first. :slight_smile:

The day the entire state of California is rent-controlled is the day when rent control will be banned at the Federal level. :slight_smile:

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Rent control is the perfect scape goat for bad government policy…Put in lots of restrictions to stop building and then blame landlords for the problem you created. .We are from the government and we are here to help you…

Don’t forget we the people elect the government.

Palo Alto city government just enacts policies its voters want. No more and no less.

Little cities like PA are not accountable. …their maids and gardeners live in EPA and they dont have to deal with their housing needs…

Only about 2.5% on the electorate actually comtrol a local election…Because generally only 10-20% vote. PA has a very vocal minority that pushes the anti growth agenda…They could be confronted, but most people are too busy with their personal lives… we found this out in Emerald Hills…about 50 people wanted to restrict zoning and make the building rules tougher…they controlled the HOA and had county aupport…We got together a group of 600 and shouted them down at a public hearing…They felt threatened, cops were called…It took years to chase them off…But in reality democracy is controlled by a few bullies…Things have to get really bad before the majority gets pissed off and change occurs. …there are 5000 people in Emerald hills…those 50 had inordinate power…