Shoot, Just Raid Some Home Depot Parking Lots!


Too many undocumented folks there…


Yeah I didn’t realize 7-11 was a hot place to hang out. But Home Depot… .definitely.


25% of the 11M are estimated in California i.e. @ 3M. CA economy will crash if they actually go after the illegals.


The economy will crash? Even if they average $50k/yr (pretty generous for someone without documentation), that’s $50B/yr. That’s 2% of the CA economy. Meanwhile, CA would save tons of money on unpaid ER visits, schools, etc. CA would win if they get reported, since those people are costing the state far more than they pay in taxes (if they even pay taxes).


California is a sanctuary state now. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling WA state is starting to think like CA nowadays.

Congress should make E-verify mandatory(but we know neither Republicans nor Democrats will support that)


Some people are just graphics, and nonsense.

Many undocumented people, the right word, live in clusters. Be them living in a block, or in a complex apartment. They are gone in one week, start praying.

As I said in another topic last year, illegals are feeding those who want them gone. Those they use to paint their apartments, the hypocrite they are.

The end.


Well, on the bright side, there’ll be plenty of jobs… as ICE officers.

3M is a lot of people to remove one at a time.