Should Intel CEO Really Have To Step Down After Consensual Relationship With EE?

Have we gone too far now, just like removing statues or renaming streets to be PC??? Yes, he was an officer/manager and it is spelled out in the company rules but so what, right???

What is the point of having rules/policies if they aren’t followed? He should’ve known better.


Yes, but consensual to me is a big part of it. What adults do away from the office is their business (IMHO). Why should an employer regulate or have control over your private life? Then, don’t send me freaking company emails about work/life balance then!!!

Consensual is not always consensual. The person with the huge power balance advantage has undue advantage+pressure+power on the lower level employee. Hence, the person at lower level kept quiet even when they were pressurized to do some things which if they don’t would be bad for their careers. Women have been sexually abused in the past working in companies such situations and hence such rules were instituted.


I know what you are saying, but what if the employee is not under the direct report of the person being punished? Say, completely different departments and certainly not involving such a high positioned and widely influential officer like a CEO in this case.

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Hard situation. I would think that if the employee came out and said it was definitely purely consensual and she wanted him to be absolved, they should let it go. If she isn’t saying anything that’s not good news.

Now, if he married her, then he should keep his job, and she should go find another one unless she’s a CEO of a better company, in which case it’s time for him to be house-husband. :stuck_out_tongue:

He could also have helped her move to another company if he was serious about his relationship with her being on the up-and-up.

The other thing they could’ve done is approached the board to get permission if they were serious about the relationship. What this says to me is that the relationship wasn’t really serious.

I feel for these guys. I have a friend who is 50 and never married. He’s a professor, and can’t date the students (at this point, they’re waaaay too young anyways). The staff/secretaries are generally all spoken-for, and he has a hard time meeting people. He wants to get married and he would never intentionally take advantage of his professorial relationship, but there were rules…

On the other hand I also know a couple that was in the teacher-student relationship. They kept it very quiet until she graduated. Then got married. Good couple, dating for the right reasons.

Come on @Terri, our Ms. Millennial (@harriet) ain’t doing anything. Besides, this guy can keep her Beemer sparkling clean. Hope he likes eating and paying for expensive Chinese food!!! I could see a fat red envelope (commission, no 1099 given) coming your way…

She’d have to move unfortunately! He’s not in the Bay Area. :confused:

So, did you already close on your place, or still going through escrow at this point?

Looooong close period. Couple more weeks.

Ok, so packing up stuff? Pretty excited??

Excited, yes. Packing–trying to limit it to boxes I can put back on the shelf. POD comes in two weeks, and I don’t want to live in a house that’s all boxed up.

I’m not likely to give notice until closing and will have plenty of time to move. The POD will free up the garage though. Then we can put boxes there.

Umm…that professor can be my dad.


Yes… [quote=“harriet, post:14, topic:5168, full:true”]
Umm…that professor can be my dad.

It’s ok. I’m not into matchmaking. I prefer to be able to guarantee a great outcome from my work, and the last time I fixed him up, it was a disaster.

Come on, @harriet, a potentially tenured professor!!! Pop a few babies and you are done!!!

Professors are poor. Marry RE and stock investors instead. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


There is one unmarried male in this forum.

Oh goodness. That was awful sfdragonboy…

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I agree an employed shouldn’t have control over an employees private life. However, employees can get fired for what they say on their personal twitter account. A generation ago many people met their spouse at work. Now people are way too afraid of sexual harassment.

The real question is what if it was a female CEO and a male lower level employee? We’ve all seen what happens to male vs. female teachers with students. There’s a HUGE double standard.

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