Silicon Valley brilliance at work

$70+ million developing a $400 juice machine when you could squeeze the juice packets with your own 2 hands in the same time as the machine (watch the video). This is the of the 2017 tech bubble.

How on earth did they spend $70M developing that?

Juicero must hate bloomberg, but that is the truth. For people who do juicing, they want to get juice out of real vegetable and fruits; not to get juice out of a pre-processed package. And I bet those packaged juice bag are significantly marked up.

$70m was just series B. I read one article that estimated $120m for all the rounds they have to date.

This has to be a bubble. Right? Everyday, I get flashbacks to living here in 2001.


That juicer looks nice. use it in a staging home instant 250k increase in value.

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Better chain it down with a lock…:slight_smile: (hey, thief happens everywhere, not just in the Fab 7x7…)

of course, better yet, hire a G4S security guard to guard it 24x7.
you know ppl want this.

Why is “smart” money not that smart? I don’t get it.

Smart money thinks they are very smart so they take high risk thinking they know what they are doing.

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Most VC get into the business by getting lucky once. Of course, then they think it’s easy to replicate. Their investments still fail 80% of the time. That’s a pretty horrible success rate. It amazes me an industry with an 80% failure rate doesn’t examine itself to see how and what it can do better.

Kinda like that $400 juicer…

(Yes, the designer one is leather…but still)


They are offering refunds. Apparently the investors were misled about the device.

“Dunn wrote in a blog post Thursday that the Juicero device provides quality control, consistency and data to the juice-squeezing process that hands cannot.”

It must have been all about selling the juice packets. You can’t buy them unless you own the machine. At least with the K-cup, you actually needed the Keurig to brew it.

They screwed up making the packs so the machine wasn’t needed. The real profit has to be selling the packs at $5-7/pack. Only a bunch of silicon valley VC partners who are completely disconnected from reality would think the masses will pay $5-7 for juice. At least Keurig was smart enough to price their coffee less than going to Starbucks. Soda stream is also much cheaper than buying soda at the store. Some how they managed to make the juice more expensive to have at home. Brilliant!

Uh oh…is this a signal???

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I’m a little relieved, actually. Things like this should quickly crash & burn rather than tempting others to start similar things and make a bigger bubble…

I suppose I shouldn’t tech knock SV for this, but high tech jeans??? Come on!!!

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