Silicon Valley helps Trump's America

Trump’s America are in a desperate need for Silicon Valley liberals. Some smart tech workers quit their job for one year to spread wealth and liberalism to Trump’s America. When are you going to join?

Maybe in a few years, Trump’s America will become the subject that every politician competes for. Where is the best spot to catch this political boom? How many years does it take for this to have a real impact on local economy?

The political competition for Trump’s America would be bad news for black and Latino. When democrats start focusing their resources to help Trump’s America, who can the black and Latino and Asians depend? If the white liberals forget about minorities, it would be a disaster to inner city poor people. Maybe by then, black and Latino and Asian voters will vote for Trump to get the attention of liberals!?

A silly question, are those new Trump supporters in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin former liberals? Since those states were blue previously, it would suggest that the new voters who swinged last election are or were liberals? Right?

Not this phat cat…

You better hide because if Trump stays in the white house after Muller is done with him, the KKK and neo Nazis will come for you.