Silicon Valley's overwork culture

996 is insufficient should change to XX7

That’s no way to actually live. Maybe it’s worth it for a few years if the exit is good enough.

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In communist countries, people work 7 days and 12 hours per day. They are busy but just don’t produce much. North Koreans work 7 days a week, 10-12 hours per day. Maybe in communist country, work is like playing and they can work(“play”) for 7X12.


Happens here too in some places. If you’re going to be in the office 12-14 hours, you’ll go out for a longer lunch break, take a dinner break, maybe play a game for a break. When you have to pick up the kids, make dinner, help with the homework, etc., you don’t have time for breaks. So you motor though it, and head home.

Not saying which person gets more done overall, but the person who has to get to work, get it done, and get out, gets more done per hour.

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There’s also 007. Non stop.

I agree with jack ma. If you don’t work hard when you are young when do you work hard?

He also said if you are only after the money you can’t sustain that kind of schedule. You must have some “mission” you want to accomplish. I agree with that too.

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Essentially people who can’t do 996 should not work for BABA period. Erica wants the reward without willing to sacrifice. Every company has its own corporate culture, fo if you don’t fit in. Erica tries the righteous argument that a certain demographic is excluded, so what! If BABA needs them, BABA has to adjust accordingly to get them in, BABA doesn’t need them for now.

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“Last year, he announced that he would step down as executive chairman in the near future.”

Guess he’s done working hard.

Something not mentioned here, but if he’s working 996, who’s taking care of the kids?

One of the reasons American-parents have to stick within a 9-5 job is that both parents are working and both parents are dealing with kids in the evening. If Ma isn’t married, has live-in in-laws, or full time nanny, or a SAHM for a wife, he can work whatever hours he wants. Not everyone has these things.

Founders work 24x24x7x365. Don’t start any businesses if you’re unwilling to.

His wife.

Wrong thinking. Wives have to support husbands. Laurene stayed at home taking care of children. If I’m not wrong, MacKenzie is also a SAHM.

If can’t convince wife to be a SAHM, can’t work for BABA.

Actually Jack Ma’s wife is one of the cofounders. So she worked crazy hours too. Don’t know who took care of their son. I remember reading stories about how his son was wandering streets play video games in internet cafes. So it looks like Ma sacrificed his son to become China’s richest man.

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Somewhat related, I am reading Kai-fu Lee’s book “AI Superpowers”. It’s a very good read. Lee has a ground level view on China’s tech scene. He was the head of Microsoft and then Google’s China divisions, and later left Google to found his own VC firm. The book is very informative and led me to put some money in the “M” in TMD: Meituan. Here’s a short excerpt:

AI superpower is BIDU not Meituan.

996 is bad for health care cost and mental health. Humanity cost is too great.

The worst side effect is the widening income gap and widening wealth gap. I’m confused why @manch supports 996 work culture. That’s a robbery of the poor people and punishment to the aspiring class.

Nonsense. In military, we work 12x12x7. During operations, 24 x 24 x 21. Civilians are too soft.

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I’m soft!

Since civilians are weak, I push for only military and veterans can vote, rest no voting rights.

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This guy is promoting improper behavior at work :roll_eyes:

Err… I am not sure jack said you should do that in office. :thinking:

So after working 9am-9pm for 6 days a week, guess you have plenty of time to have sex from 9:01pm-8:59am :roll_eyes:

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