Singapore > Silicon Valley For Talent?

says latest report…

My last company had offices there. I was unimpressed with the talent there. Our department ended up getting rid of almost everyone there and hiring in the US and China instead.

Access to global start-up talent, not referring to talent quality, mainly because of cost.

The average software engineer salary in Singapore, at US$35,000 (S$49,000), was also below the global average of US$49,000 - high salaries is one of the reasons why Silicon Valley lost its top talent ranking.

While Singapore trailed below the average top 20 at 10th place in talent quality, it more than made up for it by being the fourth and second best ecosystem for start-ups to access experienced software engineers and growth employees, respectively.

Seattle only at number 10 and down 2 spots. Hahaha… I pity those poor souls over there. Whoever thinking of moving there should think long and hard.

On a related subject… @marcus335, your company’s suspicions about Singapore were corrrect…

At one place, we bench marked India vs. US in actual cost. We looked at time spent fixing code bugs. At the time, it was cheaper to pay US engineers more due to higher productivity.

Singapore urgently need self-driving cars to reduce the number of cars on the road and hence congestion at peak office and school hours.

Beijing and Shanghai of China need EVs to reduce air pollution.

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My last company had offices in Singapore. I wouldn’t characterize the people as innovative or wanting to improve things. You get your 8 hours, and they follow the process. We ended up downsizing significantly and hiring in China instead.


Are you just ranting or saying won’t succeed in implementing a good self-driving system in Singapore?

I’d be skeptical of it happening.

Guess you’re implying is foolish to go to Singapore :grin:

It depends what work is done there. Even with cutting edge projects, not all the work is cutting edge. The big thing going for Singapore is really friendly immigration policies. If you have a degree from a US school, then they’ll give you residency without even having a job. They really do try to draw in talent from other places.

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