Single Family Houses on the north east side - Nob/Russian/Telegraph Hill

Actually I think 2.9M is a fair price for a 2200 sq ft house in this area that is redone were it not for 3 terrible flaws.

  • worlds most awkward floorplan (click on virtual tour to see how the stairwell relates)

  • no garage at all - someone paying this much DEFINITELY has a nice car

  • living/dining space is tiiiiiny

As a result this house has sat on the mkt for almost 200 daya and been reduced from 2.9 to 2.2M.

IMHO the seller should have listed this at 2.0M, an eye catchingly low price, and waited for buyers to bid it up to maybe 2.2M.

I still say no parking is a major flaw for why something like this is not selling. People in this range don’t really want to be like the average Joe/Jane and do the Uber thing. They would rather have space for a Range Rover and that’s that.

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Hey @aalj,

I checked back on Hotpads for that posting for that Pacific Ave flat that was renting for over $4k and it is gone. Sweet income. Small duplex building, completely remodeled and getting nearly $9K in monthly income. Building paid off, of course. Even my Big Bro was salivating…

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