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time to exit SF. Another Bitch in sf

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A proposal was made on Tuesday to protect families who rented single-family homes. It is hoped that the owners of independent homes will be forced to move tenants by renting. The owners of Chinese-owned houses think that the proposal will make the rental market more in short supply.

At present, in San Francisco, unless the landlord has a reasonable reason to evict the tenant, for example, if the tenant breaches the lease, he or she must pass the Ellis Act legislation or invoke the OMI landlord self-occupation regulations to force the tenant.

Both regulations state that the owner must notify the city and tenants in advance, and pay the tenant a relocation compensation fee before migrating the tenant, but Lu Kaili said that in recent years, there have been many independent housing owners to increase rents. To force the tenants to move, the reason is that the current rent control regulations of the municipality do not include single-family homes and shared apartments. She therefore expressed the hope that legislation will be used to prevent independent homeowners from doing so.

Lu Kaili said: “There are tenant rights lawyers, this situation occurs 50 to 100 times a year, often happens, we have to legislate to fill this legal loophole, we can not control the rent, but at least not allow the owners to maliciously increase rent to drive away tenants .”

However, owners of single-family homes in the Bay Area believe that this policy will drag down the rental market and will be unfavourable to tenants in the long run.

Wang Yun, the owner of the independent house, said: "There are only independent houses in San Francisco, which can keep the rent floating freely. If the city counselor even kills this opportunity, we believe that once the houses are vacant, the owner must take back the house and sell it. When it is sold, it becomes the owner of the house. The house that is self-occupied means that the supply of rented houses is reduced. This is a very bad vicious circle and definitely does not work.


Time to sell and move on. :walking_man:

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google translation; Black five - landlords, rich peasants, counter-revolutionaries, bad elements, rightists