SJ Man Stole Gun, Vows to Shoot People in SF

Hamilton, who is diagnosed as schizophrenic, is reportedly off his medicine, Police said. He is known to frequent the area of Bryant and Delancy streets in San Francisco and may have firearms on him. “Hamilton is believed to be armed and dangerous at this time,” San Francisco police said. “If you see Hamilton in public, do not attempt to make contact. Please immediately dial 911 to notify authorities.”

That’s all we need, another San Jose person who hates the Fab 7x7, has guns and is off his meds…

Within 2 block radius, there are Dropbox, Twilio, Google, Lyft. They all locked down their offices this afternoon.



My kids have skating class in that area. May need to cancel this week. :rage:

Time for manch to move back to SJ :sweat_smile:

Better safe than sorry.

Apparently San Bruno is not safe. @sfdragonboy made a bad move.

The last time I checked, no one died except the loser. Confirmation that San Bruno has good luck all over it!!! Prices will go even higher now!!!

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Phew! That’s what happens when you take a threat seriously!!!


Or, if you really do some actual police work instead of hang out at the donut shop…