SJ, Oakland, SF 2016 Homicide Counts Almost the Same

Halfway through the year, the homicide numbers of the Bay Area’s three largest cities have reached a rare occurrence: They’re nearly the same.

In San Francisco and Oakland, with 26 and 28 killings respectively, that’s good news. Those figures reflect a flattening for San Francisco, which ultimately saw 52 homicides in 2015, and a sharp drop in Oakland, which had 93 homicides last year.

It’s a different story for San Jose, which has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the safest large cities in the country.

San Jose has more than double the people of Oakland. So the homicide rate in Oakland is still much higher than in San Jose. But Oakland is on the right track and SJ is not.

From the news, I am aware of the problem with retaining the cops down there but what is up with the crime? If we are making generalizations that, like Oakland, people moving in are professionals (blah blah blah) shouldn’t we be seeing a corresponding decline in the crime rates? Odd…