Sleeping with a Gentrifier

Then, within a month of being back, I fell hard. For a Google employee.

On an early date with Tom, we ate peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and lay in a hilly park, feeling mud seep into our clothes. While we looked up at the shadowy trees, he mentioned his job and asked me if I knew what I was doing. “You mean,” I said, “you want to make sure I’m OK sleeping with the oppressor?”

“Yeah, basically,” he said.

Well, if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be dating men,” I said, and we laughed. I was sure I wanted to date him and didn’t think of anything else.

Gentrification is mostly numbers to me. Stories like this remind me there are humans behind the stats. Great read. Also, you know the love is real when…

My cheeks got hot, but as I told Tom, if we were to break up, I’d have to leave San Francisco. I gave up my rent control to be with him.

My Take-away:

Pre-marital sex is ok. Rent control is not. Cool… :yum:

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My takeaway is you have pre-marital sex with your wife :sweat_smile:

Very astute, hanera. When you buy a car, one must always take a test drive first (you may quote me on that one)…

Fortunately, she too on that “test drive” didn’t go for a later model…

Ugh. :frowning2:

I’m glad it worked out for her. But that is one reason not to move in together. Because if it hadn’t worked out that article would be about how horrible dating a gentrifier was.


I very much enjoyed that story. Very real.

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