So is this so bad?

Granted I would do the same thing as the developer, put all of the affordable units on the lower level. Why is that so bad? Do you want housing or not? I wish I could drive a Ferrari too but if a Crx is all I can afford to drive whose fault is it? I shouldn’t blame others for my inability to drive a Ferrari, right?

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Affordable housing is an insult to working people that pay market rate…They are forced to subsidize people that dont pull their own weight…That burden should be shouldered by everyone like section 8…Even worse BMRs kill most projects. .This whole idea just creates housing shortages…


It’d be easier to burn it all down and start over. There’s no reasoning or logic. Need a full redo.

I bid on a project once (to buy it), was for ~13 units which were going to have 2 or 3 BMR units.
It was going to be 4 buildings with 3 or 4 units each.
(20% had to be BMR…
12 units… 2.4 = 2 BMR
13 units… 2.6 = 3 BMR)

One would rather build 12 than 13 as any BMR would be a guaranteed loss, at least for resale.

The city document stated explicitly that they will not allow all BMRs in one corner, in one building etc.

This was in the City of Watsonville.

Not exactly known to be progressive (in fact, they are the most pro-business in the entire County of Santa Cruz)

Really surprises me that Oakland lets the developer do that.

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How about bottom half of the building?

Please clarify. I am all for bottom half if I am the developer and I want the cheaper units to be on the lower floors where there is no view and may be more noisier. What is wrong with that? When you go on vacation, if you want ocean view you PAY MORE right? No wonder, NOTHING gets built when they put these conditions on the developers. Again, affordable proponents are LUCKY they got any more units!!!

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BMRs shouldn’t be given to anyone ever…Look at the entitlement attitude…Not only do they want a freebie, they want the best units…Disgusting. .

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BMR is a political tool. If we had saner tax and land use policies we don’t need them. But right now you need to give the unwashed mass something. The fact that many developers still build in spite of BMR requirement means there is still plenty of money to be made.

Give the masses more housing…Eliminate planners and social enginners…Allow Houston style zoning and the housing problem will be solved in 3 years…BMRs are a joke…and dont even benefit the few that get one…They are forced to sell under market to a very limited pool of buyers…ridiculous BS

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Manch, the reality is builders are not building. .Every year the housing shortage gets worse…And nobody is building sfhs in the BA…and that is what 90% of buyers want…

From all those condos being built, one would think it was because people wanted them…:grin:

I agree BMR is BS. I advise all my relatives to never buy one. It traps people in poverty. Prop 13 gives a strong incentive for cities to not build housing. And then you have rabid NIMBYs running amok that’s recipe for “disaster” to quote the Donald.

Nobody dreams of owning a condo…They settle…A condo is a hybrid between a rental and a house…potential appreciation is compromised. .The big problem is what to do with all the old condos built in the 70s…Eventually they have to be torn down, just like all he old sfhs in PA and replaced with higher use properties

You guys have not seen “restrictive” until you have dealt with Santa Cruz County Planning. Important: County, not City.

Anecdote by a tenant. I can find out details if necessary.

Owner has land in the county (Live Oak, which is between City of Santa Cruz and City of Capitola) and wants to develop it with 6-9 apartments or condos.

City says no citing some bogus riparian corridor… needs huge set-backs (water had not been seen in years… that’s why I write bogus)

Developer offered to make all units BMR… County still said “no”.

But they sure like to talk about all their efforts regarding the housing crisis.


Government has no interest in solving the housing crisis. .They need the poor and homeless to justify their jobs…They hate successful people that actually do something, like build and improve neighborhoods. .They feel their clients are the poor , the more the better…makes the bureaucrats feel superior…Pretty pathetic