Solar panels chew too - might kill you

My neighbor uses their home for vacations and plans to move in full time eventually. The previous owner added solar panels. I need to tell the new folks, next time they are here, never to stand on the left side of their upper balcony after a snowfall. I was outside when the 8 or so inches of snow we got yesterday started melting. It melts slowly on the neighbor’s roof but on those solar panels - once it reaches a certain point it all comes off at once avalanche style and right on to the balcony. Had anyone been standing there when it happened they would have been seriously injured or killed. One vertical rail was blown out by the impact. The pictures were taken after most of it melted.


What now?
Ban solar panels? :laughing:

I am not worried, life is short, and perhaps I would worry the day it snows in San Jose. :wink:

Shall everybody leave?:wink: