Some Action In Mountain View?


Gee, I wonder why no one showed up to oppose it…

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I remember I opened a topic on Redfin, or here? Where I said something about blame your high tech company for the lack of land to develop.

Money buys anything. And that goes for both parties.

Looks weird. At one point there was some talk of housing on Google campus? Whatever happened to that?

Thought the council nixed it based on the possibility of cats killing the native birds on the campus or near it.

Seriously? Wow. I am flipping the bird to the council.

Seriously. You go ahead and flip that bird :slight_smile:

“Council members cited impacts to the rare burrowing owl at Shoreline Park among the reasons for their opposition to new North Bayshore housing, noting feral cats and loose dogs already pose a major threat. They also cited the lack of a plan to control traffic, though supporters say housing there would decrease trips to and from jobs in the area.”

(Note article is from 2012 as this was a long-standing request)

At least some consideration was given to the struggles of the mom and pop owner and I thus must commend the folks in MV!!! Hear that, Fab 7x7??? You too, Oakland???

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