Some Sub $600k SFHs For Ya

Ok, how about a separate thread for strictly SFHs under $600K asking in the Bay Area. Of course, final selling price could be way higher. At this price point, I am not expecting great things regarding school districts, crime rates or any other issue. Lower the price, the better, and the only criteria. Buyer beware or be careful at least. One stop shopping for folks looking to buy something reasonable for either first home or rental.

I saw these in Hayward today. The first one seems like a pretty good deal.

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You guys play in a bigger pool than I am. I’m screening for sub $450… Outside of East Oakland, it is slim pickings…

Well, just trying to be realistic around these parts. Honestly, the last time I saw anything under 500K and was at least decent was my private sale purchase. Again, SFH now. No condos allowed!!!

I did a redfin search and counted 64 results under 450K. Yeah, no condos (boo…). Most look pretty rough and that’s expected.

For this price, I will overlook the 4 in the address…

Negative $500 cashflow. Pass. I’d rather buy a TH in Union City for around that price.

How about this 650k probably fixer in Newark?

Ok, Newark again…588k

How about a Livermore fixer?

What is the traffic from Livermore to Dublin/Pleasanton like ? Are there people who make that commute?

This house is too dolled up. Redfin hot now.

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Well, the seller was on here and read how mucho importante staging was…perhaps excessive but we shall see what the final number is…

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That’s why I always caution my wife. Please, please I beg you, don’t get too excited by the shiny staging… :sob:

So does the Big Boss (your better half) only enter the game when you find something you really like/want or does she go with you on all hunting expenditions? Mine, couldn’t be bothered with unless I am serious, way serious…

We sometimes go together in open houses. But my wife like things pretty and shiny. I am the exact opposite. I get pumped up when I see things unstated and shitty. All I see are dollar signs… :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

The metal security door out front…

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Come on, @caiguycaiguy, we ain’t buying fixers in Pac Heights, baby…:slight_smile:

You can’t find those in Esanjo. Got to look further, Merced, Modesto…

Yes, small and in the Excelsior but 599k in the Fab 7x7…

250k for a SFR on 0.98 acres

The 0.98 could be a problem if the new owner is unable to rebuild within 365 days from the calamity. The county will not approve a new septic after 365 days since it is under 1 acre

I know a property… same area… under 1 acre… fire… red tag… investor bought it on the cheap… but it had been sold several times. I think last investor paid 300k. The fire was 2+ years ago. You guessed it. He cannot do anything with it. It is right on Highway 9.

The LLC’s name was “Money To Blow LLC” or similar :joy: