Sorry, Nuns, There Is Something Worse Than The Devil


I knew you are going to post this story. :smile:

NIMBY = Grinch. :skull:

Mission district dislikes homeless folks? What a bunch of hypocritical douchbags.

As the most progressive district, there should be endless love for homeless people, I guess that’s why Tony Robbins decided to buy a home for the nuns.

Poor homeless guys, register for vote!

If liberals trully wanted to help the homeless there wouldn’t be any…they would let them into their homes…

From my discussions with SF residents, most of them are supporting homeless staying in their city. But most residents who have homeless near them are complaining and want the city to relocate the homeless from their neighborhood to other people’s neighborhood.

It’s an intersting city. Everybody loves to be a good person but everyone wants others, not himself, to actually do the good.

And if conservatives truly wanted to abolish the EPA, they would let me dump toxic waste in their basement

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I was there when earth day was started in 1970 there was a fervor to stop corporate pollution. .It was grossly over stated and has been 99% stamped out…Now the EPA attacks homeowners and small time contractors. .Wait till you go for a permit to work on your pre 1978 home…The city will require an EPA approved lead inspection, and possibly thousands of dollars in mitigation. . …Trump will end this shit…Sorry but the modern EPA is a terrorist organization

:grin:I thought you are a loyal NeverTrump. Now I am confused Preformatted text

I find Trump to be a narcissistic asshole, but if he can promote a conservative agenda then I will be happy. I hated Nixon, too, but when he ended the draft I was very happy…

Even though he started the EPA?

The devil is in the details. Most things are good with moderation. Almost everything is bad when going to extreme.

Environmental protection is good only when it is not extreme. We should forbid non-scientist stupid environment activists from running our government. Many activists hold a useless degree and lacks common sense. Sometimes, simply are crazy, dumb, sometimes evil with a disguise of caring about environment.

Environment nonsense has become the favorite to stop housing development in CA. We should force lawyers and liberal arts graduate to do some real work, not just talk/write/BS/being dumb

I would never buy a pre-1978 house. Because I care about the environment, I only buy new houses built from materials dug fresh out of the ground, hot from the chemical plant, and wet from the forest

Like I said the EPA started with good intentions. .To stop corporate bad actors…But it grew into a monster that bites the hand that feeds it…Like all government agencies it just keeps growing…Now it attacks farmers, homeowners and everything else…It has run amok…It basically considers humans as the problem not the solution. .Or course now their cause celeb is global warming. .With their logic if they could eliminate humans they would to stop global warming

Now, now, what happened to the old adage that older homes’ bones (the woods used in the framing, etc) tend to be of much better quality???

80% of BA houses are pre 1978…Can’t really compete if you limit yourself to 20% of the market…