"Quaint 2 bedroom 1 bath with garage. Spacious 710 sq ft home on 2500 sq ft lot. Hardwood floors throughout, updated kitchen with granite counters, double pane windows, built in closet organizers, stain glass door leading to private lush stone rear patio. Convenient for walking to Woodside Plaza. Easy Access to Hwy 101 or 280. "

Quaint? Sure. Easy Access to Highways? Definitely. Convenient for walking–yup. But SPACIOUS???.. for a mouse. Sheesh.

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I grew up in a 450ft condo. 710 ft is not only spacious. It’s down right luxurious. :smile:


Perhaps the seller is looking for someone with a spacious heart to shell out a million on this dainty house.

How could they fit 750sf_house + garage + driveway + front_yard + back_yard in 2500sf lot?
It has everything on single story building in town house lot size. Amazing.

Picky, aren’t you?

I lived on a 900 sqft home with one kid and my wife. Two rooms, a spacious livingroom and a normal size kitchen, it was good to me after living in a room by myself.

Oh…the 2K sq ft land really killed me when raking leaves, and cutting the grass.

In San Francisco 2500 ft lot is standard. If lot is 3k agents will write in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS it has BIG LOT.


Oh yeah? Really? Just one kid??? Well the front neighbors–that front unit you said you used to visit–live in a 900 sq ft 2BR with seven kids. So yeah. Go ahead and tell them that 750 sq ft is spacious and see if they ever talk to you again. Picky indeed.

What an ugly landlord. Why keeping people living like that?

Picture does seem to show spacious. It’s much better than what I imagined for 700sf.

Maybe the SqFt is wrong, maybe they have a great floor plan. It is indeed “spacious” for the SqFt number. Who will go to the open house and report back?

You can get a rough estimate of the footprint on google maps. About 1000sf without garage, semi-spacious for a 2 bed by my standards, not so much if you have lots of people or stuff squeezed inside.

Wow you are super rude. You’d prefer they get kicked out of their home and have to move away from friends and schools eh?