Speaking Of Brisbane

I bet they won’t do any housing there. Bastards.

Send our homeless to Brisbane. Problem solved.

Uh, they want shelter and 3 square meals too…

Give each one a tent, and McD meal tickets for life. Only condition: You have to set up your tent in Brisbane.

Yeah, it is time we start fighting back by dumping back…

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What will happen to the dump site? Where will they move it. And the recycling plant?

The South SFO is slowly transforming too. Many new hotels, offices and residential building coming next the Caltrain station and leading up to Brisbane. Some more development along 101 is natural. I expect development to crawl up to the city from South instead of spillover happening from north.

For sure, that whole corridor between San Bruno and SSF will be filled up soon. If it weren’t for the plane route I am sure more people would have already bought up SSF.