Speaking of Lovely PA..... WOW!

Who can afford PA then???

I applaud her for putting her money where her mouth is, literally.

Gee, only 2M eh???

I don’t understand why those “priced-out” stories only talk about extreme cases.
From Palo Alto to Omaha?
There are many many other cities in Bay area which are much more affordable than PA.
I am sure they had other reason to move to Omaha.

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True, but perhaps for some folks they ain’t settling and if they are going to move anyway they are going to go for the biggest bang for the buck (assuming remote work, etc) that would allow them to save as much money as possible (so that they can come back).

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No, they won’t be able to come back.


You are such a meanie!!!:slight_smile:

Can you handle the truth?!

I don’t mind moving back to Minnesota. Lovely people. Lovely place.

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Once you get used to Ferraris you don’t want to go back to Yugos…

if you really invest the difference, say in major Bay Area employers, you should be able to return one day. But your prop tax would be huge

Most likely they will spend the difference on “better quality of life” and have nothing to show for it

Now, now. The most succesfull people I’ve known in life came from outside of California originally. There’s something to be said for Yankee ingenuity or midwestern stubborness.

Sherman Fairchild came from the east. It was he who funded the “revoltionaries” who rebeled against Shockley and started the whole SV thing.

Hewlett himself came from Michigan stock. Packard grew up in Colorado.

In more recent times, Zukerberg came from NY stock.

I could go on and on. But, I’m sure you get the idea.

Location, location, location may be the mantra of RE. But, not so much in incubating business tycoons. History is littered with business centers that flamed out eventually. Their founders are usually not locals.

How’s Detroit these days?

How about New Orleans, the birthplace of the American art form known as jazz?

Actually look at the examples you cited, Bay Area is indeed the perfect place to start a great tech business. The Zuckerbergs and the Fairchilds of the world would not have 1/10 of the success they eventually achieved had they stayed back east.

In the long run we are all dead. Nothing is forever. But I see not a single black cloud on the horizon yet. Housing affordability is the biggest challenge. But we still have the vast expanse of East Bay to work with. When we exhaust even that we can start talking about the Bay Area - Sacramento super metropolitan.

Sorry, but PA is the It Girl for awhile…

Not sure if you think we disagree – if your point is that successful people can come from outside CA of course you are right. But if someone is leaving the Bay Area due to cost of living, it’s reasonable to expect that they are going to be spending the excess cash on nicer cars, vacations, etc. rather than investing in a portfolio that will match Bay Area real estate appreciation.

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No, that’s the reality of the income/COL disparity across the US. COL is lower, but income is lower, so savings are lower. You gotta start somewhere and stick with it.

Actually Zuckerberg said that if he had to do it over again, he would’ve stayed in Boston. Boston is a quiet tech center–not glitzy–but you can hire a great crowd, and people stick around longer–lots and lots of techies, lots of recent graduates. One of my friends who occasionally visits his company’s HQ here says that in Boston you’re surprised when someone leaves. In the Bay Area, you’re surprised when they’re still at work after a couple of years.

How is the living/housing cost in Boston?

Zuckerberg is a typical east coast snob…they always say it is better there…My dad was from Massachusetts. .He said that they have a word for those folks…Massoles…lol

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