‘Squatter' Arrested After Trying to Steal Hospitalized Man's Clairemont Home

“It’s alright,” Jeffrey Goddard said to a group of neighbors on the street as officers escorted him to a patrol car in handcuffs. “I’ll be back.”

Days earlier, neighbors said Goddard told them he deserves to live in the Clairemont house where he’d spent nearly every night for more than a week.

Thing is, he didn’t buy the house and he isn’t renting it either.

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Actually they should be thanking the man who paid the property taxes on the home for him. He paid the property taxes and only got to stay there one week. That’s much better than a weeks stay on AB&B. :grinning:

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“Bills paid or not, police arrested Goddard over the weekend for a slew of charges including burglary, theft of an elderly adult, and identity theft.”

Do these charges match your expectation of what a squatter should get? So if he didn’t steal anything and didn’t perform identity theft, it would be ok?

For burglary charges, you don’t have to steal. As long as intent is proved it is enough.

This line of thinking sounds very similar to one suggested by an Indian legislator:

“when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it.”

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Wow… I hope he gets stoned to death. (The Indian legislator, not the squatter.)

The legislator was a small problem. The bigger problem is people having lost ability to tell right from wrong. A society is not too far away from anarchy if it accepts stealing is OK because it is some kind of justice or tool of equality.


Did they ever can?