SSF Family lives in Van after losing 10k to fake landlord

There is a go fund me page, for you all real landlords to help…

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The story doesn’t say how the fake landlord/family got the keys to move into the property… While I know there are plenty of warnings against using wires to pay deposits, it is crazy to me that there is no recourse for EFT payments after 48 hrs when blatant fraud has occurred. It has gotten so bad that some countries have updated their systems for wire transfers so that the NAME on account must appear for the review by the party issuing the funds. In this case, it would have signaled to them that their money was not going to be sent to the property management company appearing on the listing.

I don’t know about you, but I find these scams concerning. Not only are applicants vulnerable to fraud but so are “real landlords” whose properties are leased out or even marketed for sale by swindlers posing as the owner. Here’s a website which cites some common RE scams: